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A skunk sprays Erin's backyard.

Bowser Vs. a Rogue Skunk

thumb|500px|right|Music to be played during the battle Bowser pulls out his Superdark Bolt Sword and begins firing superdark firelightning bolts at the skunk.
Skunk: ~HISS!!!~
Bowser creates special acid-based shields that can cancel out the base-based skunk spray and gives them to himself, Erin, Sabina, and his whole Koopa Troop. The Skunk begins firing skunk lazerarrows that are loaded with skunk spray. Bowser blocks them all with his Superdark Bolt Sword. Bowser fires a lazerarrow at the skunk. the lazerarrow misses. Bowser fires a dark lazerarrow at the skunk. it's a hit!
Skunk: ~~HHIISS!!!!!!~~
the skunk pulls out a sword and swings at Bowser. Bowser pulls out his Superdark Bolt Sword. Bowser blocks the skunks swing and swings his own sword. it clashes with the skunk's sword. the skunk's sword heats up against the Superdark Bolt Sword.
The skunk drops his sword and Bowser sees a burn mark on its hand. the skunk fires a double lightspeed skunk lazerarrow cannon. it's a hit! luckily, the smell is blocked by the acid shield but Bowser goes flying into a tree. he tells the rest of the Koopas to go on to Darkland. all of them do except Erin. Bowser gets up. the skunk fires a double lightspeed skunk lazerarrow cannon at Erin. Erin braces for the impact.
Erin: eep!
is what Erin hears as the impact she expected never comes. she looks up and sees Bowser with fireshield holding back the beams. the buzz is the continuous deflection of the beams off of the shield.
Bowser: Well don't just stand there! Move! this shield can't last forever
Erin: *starts moving* oh, yeah.
The shield shatters and Bowser is blasted a football field away. he crashes back to the ground. Bowser gets up with difficulty. Bowser pulls his Superdark Bolt Sword out and begins walking towards the skunk. the skunk fires a lazerarrow at Bowser. it's a hit! Bowser continues, unfazed. the skunk fires a skunk lazerarrow. it hits bowser as a normal lazerarrow. Bowser does not stop. the skunk fires a bolt at Bowser. Bowser doesn't stop. the skunk fires a double lightspeed lazerarrow cannon at Bowser. Bowser just pushes through it. the now-panicked skunk fires a superdark firelightning bolt at Bowser, who is now 10 ft. away. Bowser just walks right up to the skunk. Bowser stabs the skunk with the Superdark Bolt Sword. the skunk explodes.
Bowser: Now, if all of you monsters are QUITE through attacking me and Erin!
Erin: Lets go catch up with the other Koopas.
Bowser: Agreed.
they go and catch up with the other Koopas

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