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Joscelyn ArroyoEdit

Featured Minion: Joscelyn Arroyo
Gender Female
Age 13-14
Nationality American
Hometown Lombard or Villa Park, IL (a Chicago suburb)
Professional Information
Profession Jackson Middle School Student
Affiliations The Koopa Troop (my army of minions)
Rank Super Bowser (highest level below me)
Additional pictures

This minion is one of my favorites. She's nice and not one of those in-and-out minions that join and leave over and over. She's in locker 8299 at Jackson Middle School, next to locker 8300. I remove bob-ombs from both lockers almost every passing period. she is at the only lunch table at my lunch that is not being punished for talking when the teachers are trying to dismiss. she's also in SAVE, the environmental organization of Jackson. (okay, yearbook check confirmed spelling of her name) she's got a cool hairstyle, and is in a locker that is in the between-wings area on the second floor. she's a high ranked Koopa, the highest level of rank that is attainable by a regular (not me) Koopa Troopa. This Koopa is awesome!!! She Rulez!!! She's FM for a reason, ya know. Minions are minions, but the ones who show up here in FM are my favorites! This Koopa currently tops the charts on my favorite Koopa list. (yes, favoritism, I don't deny it [there isn't actually a written list, it's just in my brain])

Look for changes in the FM regularly, 'cause I just change it wheneva!.