Bowser can protect and unprotect pages, including ones that do not exist. Protection of a page or image usually means that only Bowser can modify it.

The majority of pages on this website will remain publicly editable (at least to Bowser's minions), and not protected. Some pages, however, will be temporarily or permanently protected (for example, Bowser's Userpage, Koopa!, when it comes out, and other things that could be vandal targets.) or in cases of vandalism, edit warring or abusive re-creation.


  • Protecting Bowser-only-editing pages, such as the Main Page.
  • Maintaining the site's logo and favicon.
  • Maintaining the key pages.
  • Preventing repeatedly created vandal or spam pages from creation. See Special:Protectedtitles
  • Protecting the interface and system messages in the MediaWiki namespace (these are protected automatically)

There will be no need to protect personal .css and .js pages like user/monobook.css or user/cologneblue.js. Only the Koopas associated with these pages (and Bowser) are able to edit them. (For more information on using these pages, see Help:User style)

Most pages and images are unprotected by default, only the site logo and favicons are automatically protected. Bowser can protect editing, moving, or both by checking or unchecking the Unlock move permissions selection box.

  • (default) means any user, whether logged in or anonymous, can edit or move the page.
  • Block unregistered users, or semi-protected, means anonymous users and new Koopas less than 4 days old cannot edit and/or move pages.
  • Sysops only, or fully-protected, means only Bowser may edit and/or move the page.

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