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Making these ppl warriors very soon: Flinnpaw, Dividedpaw, Tigerpaw, Dawnpaw, and Starpaw.



Making some people warriors soon. list found on the message board.



Updates on the list of people allowed on Highrock can now be found at List of ShadowClan Members That Are Allowed on Highrock



Because too many people have been going on Highrock, from now on, only the following people are allowed on highrock: Brokenstar, Flinnkit (Reason code: FirestarSandstorm), Starpaw (Reason code:Sandstormfriend), Fernkit (Reason code: Sandstormfriend), and one other whose name escapes me right now (Reason code: Sandstormfriend). NOBODY ELSE CAN GO ON HIGHROCK!!!!!!!!! Also, nobody listen to ThunderClan.



Sorry I Haven't posted in a while. we now have more than 120 members. TPD has seemingly left our website, a definite plus. Thanks to Tigerpaw for helping me out with that. I've reverted all of TPD's edits. Meeting soon, but idk exactly when</font



Today ShadowClan's numbers rose to 66! On Thursday Firstkit is gonna be apprenticed. </font>



Today ShadowClan increased its numbers to 205% what they were before. See List of ShadowClan Members for a complete list. Still no update on the nearest meeting, but there will hopefully be one soon. </font>



Lunar eclipse

I will almost certainly be holding a ShadowClan Clan meeting on December 21, 2010 (12/21/2010). I will have everyone in my Clan gather on the night of the total lunar eclipse for a Clan meeting. I don't know for sure whether or not there will be any Clan meetings before that. quite possibly, though. especially for apprenticing kits or presenting fully trained apprentices with their warrior names.


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