• Immaluvthosevamps

    Bowser: Come on people order order!

    Sabrina: You heard the man-thing. Sit down and sut up! -she hisses and her wings fly out-

    Erin: Seriously come on people I have a make-up appointment reallyyy soon!

    Bowser: -looks at Erin weirdly- back to the point. There have been a disturbance in certain places and I suggest we actually help out parts of where the trouble is happening.

    Erin is filing her nails and Sabrina sighs.

    Sabrina: I say we can take shifts helping out.

    Bowser: Good idea Sabrina.

    Sabrina nods and Bowser looks over some things. Erin looks at her watch and gasps.

    Erin: I gotta get to my appointment!

    She yells and flies out the doors.

    Bowser: What's going on?

    Sabrina: She's getting her wings waxed and dyed.

    Bowser rolls his eyes and the meeting continue…

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  • Immaluvthosevamps

    Do you know why i refuse to watch 2012? Because i'm a huge chicken. I mean who wants to see that scary movie? With the earthquake in Chile that's another reason why I do NOT want to see that movie.

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